Here you can register competitors for the «Velikden Cup 2021». First you have to register a group or club, and then you can add competitors to it. It is possible to modify existing registrations.
The start fees can be transferred to our bank account or paid in cash on the competition day.

Bulgarian clubs please use the Bulgarian Orienteering Federation's online registration system.

Recently signed up

First nameLast nameClassClub/Group nameNation
CarolePauliOMOLC KapreoloSUI
AndréGuerottoOMOLC KapreoloSUI
ТаняМихайловаOMМазалат СевлиевоBUL
ВикторМерджановM21BСевер ПлевенBUL
СинанХасанM40Вариант 5 ТърговищеBUL
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Competitors from the following countries are entitled to a start tax reduction: Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania
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